Plastico highlight Sierra 57 as their recruiter of choice

13 March 2019

Across the last decade of business together, the importance of finding the right individuals to grow the team for Paul Dean, now Operations Manager at Plastico, has been of critical importance, and Sierra 57 looks forward to continuing to enhance the business with supporting their headcount strategies.


They have been in business for over 70 years, and clearly for one of the leading British injection moulding manufacturers the personnel are key to ensure the high standards and continued drive to outperform competitors. Our dedication to their cause has been recognised by Paul, and we have developed an excellent relationship with Sierra 57’s Managing Director.


Plastico offer a range of products in the cutlery realm, from tableware, drinking straws and cutlery to disposable glasses - which will no doubt be in abundance over the coming weekend with the Six Nations Rugby!


We are grateful to him for not only his kind words below, but also his continued business, and we look forward to another decade of business relations.



Paul’s comments: “For the last 10 years Mark Lawson and his company, are my go-to place for all technical and managerial recruitment needs. A highly professional team, with a vast knowledge and understanding of the plastics industry, plus great to work with.”