FANUC Golf Day hosted at JCB Golf and Country Club

8 July 2019

"Wow! What a course!” The first thing Mark Lawson said to me when he set foot in the office after playing on the JCB Golf and Country Club course. He couldn’t speak highly enough of the course, staff and fellow golfers. Sadly Mark didn’t win anything for the office.


An incredible turnout for the Fanuc Golf event with customers from the Robot, CNC, Automation & plastic injection moulding UK industry all coming together, and all of them beating Mark during the 18 holes. Nothing dampened his day though.

Although with holes as beautiful as these it isn't difficult to understand how he was able to have such an incredible day on a golf course that has such an incredible level of quality to it.

Although Mark did have his team mates to help cusion the blows he suffered at the bottom of the pack. Such good teamwork when all three of them loose their balls in the exact same ditch, one after the other. Fine work all involved.




All in all a fantasic day rubbing shoulders with friends, fellow engineers across the industry and with great thanks to FANUC for inviting our wonderful master of the green to their incredible event.





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