Celebrating Success at Owen Mumford!

We are happy to share the recognition of the recent training success provided by Sierra 57 to their exceptional team of Mould Setters and Process Engineers at the Owen Mumford medical device manufacturing plant in Chipping Norton. 🚀

Over an intensive 5-day period, our mould experts delivered comprehensive troubleshooting and materials training, accredited to IOM3 standards, empowering the team with advanced skills and knowledge. The dedication and enthusiasm displayed by the Owen Mumford team were truly inspiring!


Key Highlights from the Training:

🔹 Hands-On Troubleshooting: Practical sessions that equipped the team with real-world problem-solving skills.

🔹 Materials Expertise: In-depth understanding of material properties and their impact on production processes.

🔹 Collaborative Learning: Interactive workshops that fostered teamwork and knowledge sharing.


The feedback from the participants has been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the immediate improvements in efficiency and problem-solving capabilities. This training is a testament to the power of investing in your team’s development and the tangible benefits it brings to operational excellence, optimising productivity & processing efficiencies .

A huge thank you to Owen Mumford for their commitment to continuous improvement and to the Sierra 57 team for delivering solid high-content training courses. Together, we are driving innovation and excellence in the industry! 🌟