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Talisman Plastics strengthens staff knowledge with Material Training

21 April 2022
  Utilising Sierra 57 Consult’s on-site training, Talisman Plastics has continued its staff development programme, recently focusing on plastic materials. The training course has helped staff learn about classifications of polymers, material data sheets and handling requirements, with more modules planned in the futu... [More]


PMMDA endorsement to Sierra 57 Consult

13 April 2022
Sierra 57 Consult continue to recognise the importance of being affiliated with PMMDA Trade Association ( Polymer Machinery Manufacturers and Distributors Association ) endorsing our market presence & deployment of technical services within the Plastics manufacturing community, whilst working closely with other key & integral PMMD... [More]


Successful Probation for Michelle Lennon

12 April 2022
Congratulations to Michelle Lennon for passing her 3 month probation.Michelle’s positivity and professionalism has blended perfectly with the Sierra 57 Consult Team and has enabled her to cultivate successful relationships with candidates and clients alike in the short time she has been with us.We look forward to more success throug... [More]