Sierra 57 Pledges Support to Women in Plastics

6 August 2020

As Sierra 57 Consult pledges its support to Women in Plastics, Recruitment Consultant, Maria Ledbury, explains why the company’s recognition and support of women in industry is something she and her colleagues value highly. 

Working for a company that supports and promotes women has been highlighted as a valued factor by one plastics industry employee.

Maria Ledbury, a Recruitment Consultant at Sierra 57 Consult, told Women in Plastics that specialist hands-on training and support to help women excel in their roles at the company has been a highlight of the job.

“As a female who has previously worked in several typical male dominated industries, it was important to me to now work for a company that can support and promote women and women in industry,” Maria explained.

The training has so far included an overview and live experience of injection moulding, designed to give Maria and her colleagues at Sierra 57 Consult, which specialists in recruitment for the plastics industry, the tools to have a better understanding of client requirements. 

Commenting on the training, Maria said it enables the team to “thrive in an industry that has recently shown how tenacious, determined and resilient it can be.”

Engaging and celebrating

This focus on developing, supporting and recognising the women at Sierra 57 Consult is the reason the company has pledged its support to Women in Plastics.

“We thought it was important to become supporters of Women in Plastics,” Maria continued.

“We look forward to engaging with other women while learning from their experience and celebrating their achievements.

“Working with and supporting Women in Plastics allows us the opportunity to network with other like-minded professionals during industry events, as well as allowing us to grow and develop as individuals and work together as a well-oiled team.”

Recognising and praising

Mark Lawson, Managing Director of Sierra, 57 Consult, told Women in Plastics the reason he wanted to support the initiative:

“Having worked in the plastics industry for 22 years, I have worked alongside some very talented female professionals within plastics engineering and manufacturing. It’s fitting that whilst our own business empowers, trains and develops our own professional recruitment women, we play a major part in recognising and praising other female professionals within plastics,” he explained.  

Continuing, he added: “It’s paramount that we support the Women in Plastics platform: Maria, Joanne and Katie play integral and committed customer service roles – instrumental for our business going forward and adapting change within an often fluctuating marketplace.”

Leanne Taylor, Founder of Women in Plastics, said: “We’re delighted to have Sierra 57 Consult pledge their support to our platform.

“The company’s ethos of championing diversity, recognising talent and encouraging development chimes exactly with our ambition. We’re looking forward to working with them in future and already have some exciting discussions underway.”

L-R: Katie Francis, Joanne Hawes, Maria Ledbury