The deliverables & expectations:

Sierra 57 Consult has been geared up to provide clients with a 'peace of mind' service. Delivered with precision managed operations and incorporating a keen and highly competitive cost structure that meets both what you want to pay and reflects your expectations of your recruitment partner.

Sierra 57 Consult will always aim to deliver the level of quality calibre and suitably skilled candidates that bring added value, purpose & commitment to your organisation.

Our current portfolio of existing clients have benefited from contract terms that severely undercut other agency/consultancy fees, whilst ensuring that in addition to understanding and working with their company culture and their people, we deliver on promises.

Let us take the pressures out of sourcing your employees with flexible and cost-effective value for money terms. This process & method will not disappoint and WILL aim to deliver on time, every time!

Our recruitment promise to our clients is that we will provide:

  • A no-nonsense service providing the highest professional platform possible for effectively relaying communications between our teams and experienced and skilled candidates. You will have the peace of mind that every candidate on our books has the precise personality profiles that will match as closely as possible to your vacancy/company requisites. Please bear in mind that all candidates presented to you will be the best fit for you from the existing market at that particular time;
  • A professional and ethical service, the quality of which is underpinned with many years of experience within all aspects of technical executive, scientific, industrial and engineering recruitment services. You will benefit from dealing with well-qualified consultants, operating to high engineering and customer service standards. We will quickly understand your requirements and rapidly act upon them;
  • Transparent and timely communication to your customers and candidates in exactly the same manner in which we would like to be spoken to. With Sierra 57 Consult there are no hidden agendas, no falsifications, and we only represent genuine candidates that are actively seeking new employment - we have no room for window shoppers!
  • Quality candidate CV's and present these to you in a clear, concise and legible manner. We will commit to working with our clients to establish swift and accurate feedback on the respective applications as soon as is conveniently possible, so that we may inform the candidates accordingly of their respective application progress. This process has proven to be effective candidate/client marketing in the past and enhances a client's reputation as an employer;
  • Business terms & conditions which are agreed and delivered upon. All agreements and arrangements are bespoke in order to tailor them to your particular requirements;
  • Recruitment solutions that can be executed by bespoke resourcing strategies. We find, we process, we evaluate, we endorse and you receive. No delays!

More than a recruitment Consultancy...

A career progression provider for all our candidates